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Dehydrated alfalfa

Alfalfa (Medicago sativa) is an herbaceous plant from the legume family. It is prized as fodder owing to its excellent nutritional properties and its high degree of palatability. 

Forages, in general, and alfalfa in particular, are essential food for livestock since they provide the necessary elements to maintain rumen function and animal health.

Nutrirional value of alfalfa: The Perfect Balance


  • Alfeed possesses and operates its own plants of production accross the different companies that compose it.

  • The production and the processing are considered to be a basic competence of the group and form an integral part of the chain of value.

  • In addition, the company possesses specialized facilities of classi cation and packing for the produced and dehydrated alfalfa.

  • Alfeed possesses and operates on seven factories of processing forage with ten lines of production equipped with the latest processing and packing (bullets and pellets) equipments.

  • We are investing in processes and technologies highly automated with a minimal human intervention.

  • We apply the highest standars of health and safety in all work environments.

  • We ful ll the international procedures of the food production and fodders regulation and security.

  • We realice internal controls of quality of the products in specialized laboratories (owns and external).

  • Incorporation of a culture of continues improvement of the operative eficency and excellence.

quality CONTROL

Alfeed is characterized by the careful selection of areas that enjoy favorable climate conditions, easy access to water irrigation and high specifications of fertility to guarantee the best possible eficiency of our alfalfa.